As reported in the local media, a chance visit to Luxembourg on October 26 by Commissioner Hahn was the opportunity for Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Foreign and European Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn to reiterate that the 2015 “Georgieva – Asselborn” agreement remains the basis of cooperation between the Grand Duchy and the European Commission.

The disparity in purchasing power between EU officials posted in Luxembourg and EU officials posted everywhere else in the world has been on the agenda of the talks.

In this context, Jean Asselborn has explicitly come out in favour modifying the Staff Regulation to allow for the introduction of a correction coefficient for Luxembourg.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg takes this opportunity to reiterate its commitment to finding a sustainable solution to the problem of disparity in purchasing power which adversely affects the EU officials in Luxembourg and its belief that the best solution is the introduction of a correction coefficient for Luxembourg.

Legitimate questions

However, any modification of the Staff Regulation raises legitimate questions and concerns. None of us wishes an “opening of the Staff Regulation”. But can the article 64 be modified outside of an “opening of the Staff Regulation”? We have been the first to ask ourselves this, and other related questions. We sought and found satisfactory answers. If you ask yourselves the same question, watch the above news video to find out more.