Promotions 2021

The lists of those proposed for promotion will be published in Sysper 2 and on your Intranet on 17 June: consult them!

If you are not on the list of your DG and if, on the other hand, you are in one of the following situations, Union Syndicale Luxembourg suggests that you submit an appeal:

  • Your last evaluation report shows very good or even excellent results as regards your competence and/or performance, level of responsibilities and/or language skills;
  • You have a seniority of grade equal to or higher than the average waiting period in relation to the promotion rates of Annex IB (e.g.: if the promotion rate is 33%, this implies an average waiting period of 3 years);
  • If you have not been given a convincing explanation for not being on the proposed list;
  • If you have a slow career profile;
  • If you feel that people on the promotion list are not more deserving of promotion than you are;
  • If you have been given a “Follow-up” rating by the Promotion Committee in 2020;
  • For any other objective reason.

If you are still in doubt about your legitimacy to be promoted, go to the Promotion Committee and file an appeal!

Please find here a model text to help you write your appeal:


Appel promotions 2022 EN


But already contact the USL representatives in the Promotion Committees:

AD Promotion Committee:

Nom Tel.
Aldo CAMPO 37370
Hilde VAN LOON 38998
Sorin CRISTESCU 32737
Juan PELEGRIN 38162


AST Promotion Committee:

Nom Tel.
Annamaria CSORDAS 2929.42795
Marina TĂTĂRÂM 2929.42857
Cécile HANOT 36525

Attention: the deadline for appeal is 5 working days from the publication of the lists, in principle on June 24, 2021.

Promotions 2021….the obstacle course was launched on 7 April 2021

The USL has put itself at the service of the staff to help them “overcome the obstacles” that could lead them to promotion from January 2021.

But you should know that promotion is not an absolute right, but rather a legitimate expectation based on the career system established by the Staff Regulations of the European Civil Service, in particular articles 43 (Evaluation) and 45 (Promotion).

The career path may be longer than expected on the basis of a comparison of the merits of all those eligible for promotion, grade by grade.

You should also be aware that the efforts you might make today, even if they do not lead to promotion in 2021, can nevertheless contribute to clarifying your career path in 2022.

Indeed, the Promotion Committees can, on the basis of the comparison of merits, make a Recommendation to your Directorate General for a specific “Follow-up” in 2022.

In practice, if the merits remain constant, this will result in a Proposal directly from your General Management in 2022.

USL invites you to read very carefully the Administrative Notice n° 15-2021 of 7 April 2021 (internal Commission link), and more particularly

  • The general principles
  • The criteria for comparing merits : RECs, Languages and Level of responsibilities
  • Its stages, in particular
    • the establishment of the draft lists of candidates for promotion by each DG after dialogue with the Staff Representatives,
    • the publication of these lists, no longer in draft form but as a firm proposal, and
    • the appeal phase
  • Its timetable (internal Commission link)

We remain at your service throughout this “obstacle course”, to examine your situation and help you cross the finishing line as soon as possible, according to your merits and those of the other “competitors”.

At your service