Become a member!

Being a member of a trade union is first and foremost a gesture of solidarity.

On a personal level, it is an act of openness towards others;

It is an act of responsibility:

  • Not letting others decide for you by participating in the Delegation, the Executive Committee, the Staff Committee
  • Providing your assistance, your skills for a motivating and enriching social objective.
  • By supporting the collective defense of the staff and its working conditions, which is achieved through unity in action and mutual support.

Within the USL: your membership fee is our only source of funding,

-it covers our operating expenses;

-it ensures our independence from the Institutions;

-it finances our Court appeals, translations, leaflet printing, etc.

But it also means having the right to receive assistance in various fields:


-Our teams are on the front line to explain your rights to you;

-If necessary, our lawyer is at your disposal to advise you free of charge.

-Further on, financial assistance, modulated according to the level of general interest of your case.

Social :

-Through your affiliation, you are automatically a member of the Association of Patients’ Defense Rights as well as other associations.

Career :

-The USL develops preparatory training courses for competitions, access to which is free of charge for members.


-As a member, you have access to quality, quickly accessible information as well as the possibility to participate in the meetings of our delegations during which you can give or receive useful information.

Who should I contact?

In most institutions there is an elected delegation. We advise you to contact one or other of its members. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have and to specify your wishes.

You can also contact our secretariat (227 Val des Bons Malades). Tel: 43.25.79

The application for membership

By clicking on this link, you can access a membership form.

As soon as it is received, the Executive Committee will decide on your application.

Payment of the membership fee

This is one of the essential conditions to be a member of the Union and to be able to benefit from the advantages offered.

Although the union’s action is oriented in the general interest, members naturally have exclusive advantages.

This concerns:

-direct assistance and advice they can find from our elected representatives and representatives (see delegation) for the resolution of a multitude of difficulties they may encounter in their professional life;

-free access to training organised by the trade union.

-access to documentation (booklets and CDs) developed by the union;

-Legal aid (Document Assistance juridique FR).

-the coverage of the association “Patiente Vertriedung” for the defence of patients, through which you have free access to the services offered;

-some advantages offered by our partner OGB-L, Luxembourg’s leading trade union;

-by ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés -10-12, rue Auguste Laval L-1922 Luxembourg-Tél. +352/438333)

At present, on the basis of the resolutions of the last General Meetings, Union Syndicale is seeking to develop these services for members in various areas.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg offers legal assistance to all staff.

It has set up a legal advice hotline where you can submit your queries of all kinds: private law (family law, civil liability, contracts, etc.) and social law (European civil service).

You are invited to announce your visit by telephoning 4301 32741 to confirm the exact time of the consultation. Furthermore, if an urgent consultation is required, you are welcome to contact us at the same coordinates at any time to arrange a quicker appointment!

For more information: : Legal assistance document