Union Council

Article 11 of the Regulation

1. The general framework of the Trade Union Council is set out in Article 10 of the Statutes. Its purpose is essentially to examine issues common to several constituencies and to assist the Executive Committee in implementing the general policy of the union. To this end, the Executive Committee shall present, at least twice a year, an intermediate activity report as well as the elements allowing the organisation of a policy debate.

2. a) All members of the delegations are members of the Trade Union Council

b) Members of the union have the right to attend the meetings of the Trade Union Council. They may speak, without the right to vote. However, the Chair of the Council may reserve certain meetings for elected members of that body only.

3. a) The Trade Union Council shall meet at least twice a year.

b) It shall be convened by its Chairperson, or

– at the request of the Executive Committee;
– at the request of one or more delegations;
– at the request of a simple majority of its members.

c) The Chairperson of the Trade Union Council shall preside over the deliberations of this body and shall ensure the execution of its decisions.

4. a) At its first meeting following the elections, the Trade Union Council appoints from among its members, with the exception of the members of the Executive Committee, the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary of the Trade Union Council.

b) This meeting shall be convened by the President of the Union who shall chair it until such time as the President of the Trade Union Council has been appointed.

5. a) The Trade Union Council shall ensure the distribution of tasks among its members and may adopt its own rules of procedure.

b) Unless otherwise provided for in the Statutes or these Rules, decisions of the Trade Union Council are taken by a majority of its members.

c) The provisions of Article 8 paragraph 5 of the Statutes are applicable, by analogy, to meetings of the Trade Union Council. The same applies to the provisions.

de l’article 7 paragraphe 2 alinéas b) à i) inclus, du paragraphe 3 alinéas c) et d) et des paragraphes 4 et 5 de cet article du présent règlement.

6. Le Conseil syndical a le droit de désigner en tant qu’observateurs/trices deux de ses membres auprès du Comité exécutif dans le but d’assurer une bonne coordination entre ces deux organes. Ceux-/celles-ci peuvent y prendre la parole sans droit de vote.

Composition of the Union Council


President Gilberto MOGGIA

Other membersall the members of the delegations

The date of the next Union Council meeting still to be decided.