Luxembourg Local Staff Committee is inviting you:



Dear members of Union Syndicale Luxembourg,
Dear Staff Members,


We are informed that the staff is invited to vote on a new electoral system for the CLP Luxembourg elections.

USL would like to point out that the current system in place has proved its worth in terms of both stability and alternation.

The two proposals submitted to the General Assembly on May 16th – proposal 1_List1, proposal 2_List3 – aim at a greater proportionality in the election of the members of the CLP.

We, USL, are convinced that no electoral system is perfect, and that all of them can be improved: both the current one and the two new ones proposed.

USL, in the interest of listening and inter-union cooperation, has decided not to oppose a proportional system.

The decision to change the electoral rules belongs to the staff and should not imply a conflictual situation between the unions, which must tackle the real problems that all EU staff assigned to Luxembourg suffer from: the fight against any discrimination must be our absolute priority.

USL will therefore rely on the collective wisdom and invites its members and all staff members to express themselves according to their conscience.

In view of the result of the GA, USL does not exclude – if the status quo should be the conclusion – to make a proposal for a proven proportional electoral system, namely the one currently in force in Brussels and Ispra. This system has been tried and tested and has proven its worth over the years, and therefore enjoys the confidence of the majority of the staff within the institution.


USL calls for a strengthened and efficient inter-union cooperation to face all the discriminations that the staff in place in Luxembourg suffers from: disparity of purchasing power, over-pricing of medical care in hospitals, social dumping to contractual agents, situation in the day-care centres…, and also to face the 3rd Reform of the Statute in preparation as a common inter-institutional and multi-local front.


The USL Executive Committee