Internal USL bodies 2022

For the first time in the history of USL (51 years in 2022), the internal elections will also be held electronically (for those members who have e-mail addresses). This was made possible by a preliminary technical study which determined that EUSurvey-technical-report-v.1.0. This was followed by a legal analysis and resulted in an adaptation of the statutes at the GA in October 2021.

The electoral process was launched on Friday 20 May 2022 with the call for nominations.

This was followed by an invitation to a GA convened for Monday 13 June at 12.30 pm, in “hybrid” mode (face-to-face at the USL headquarters and via Webex).

In accordance with Article 8, par 1 under f) of the USL Regulations, the closing date for the submission of candidatures was set for Monday 7 June at 12:29 (i.e. four working days before the date of the General Assembly). At the closing date, the following nominations were received at the USL Secretariat

18 nominations for the Executive Committee

10 nominations for the USL Delegation to the Commission

5 nominations for the USL Delegation to the Court of Justice

4 applications for the USL Delegation to the Court of Auditors

4 nominations for the Control Commission

In order to allow members and subscribers in good standing to cast their votes in full knowledge of the facts, the candidates’ presentations are available at this address using the password provided to them by e-mail (for members who have not provided an e-mail address, please call the secretariat to obtain the password)