Union Syndicale Luxembourg, a staff union that acts


  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg has an administrative secretariat, financed by members' dues, with two ¾-time employees.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg = 1100 members in the EU Institutions in Luxembourg, including 500 at the Commission.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg spends about 30 000 EUR a year of our own money on legal assistance and representation.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg organises training/preparation sessions for participants in competitions, which are followed by several hundred people each year.
  • Every day, Union Syndicale Luxembourg helps colleagues with the defence of their rights under the Staff Regulations: more than 500 consultations per year.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg has a cooperation agreement with the OGBL in order to coordinate the action of our two unions.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg takes part in all joint committees working on the implementation and follow-up of human resources policy.
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg has formulated an action program for the defence of staff as a whole and will make every effort to carry it out.



USL: A union that listens, takes action and gets results
A union for the future …