The Jean Monnet à la carte restaurant will be closed on 17 June


As you know, the JMO will be abandoned shortly (apart from the Computer Centre which will follow later), in order to remove the asbestos and demolish it to make way for the future JMO2. In addition, the Court of Justice has already started the construction of its third office tower near the JMO building.

In this context, the Jean Monnet à la carterestaurant will close after more than 30 years of service in the building, after 17 June. It will re-open at the Foyer européen during the month of September. While awaiting its transfer, OIL suggests celebrating the restaurant's JMO years with a special menu which will be available as from Monday 23 May until Friday 17 June (tables can be reserved by phoning 4301-33186).

The USL is pleased to have insisted on the acquisition and renovation of the Foyer européen in downtown, to provide staff of all European Institutions an important place in social policy, also housing the cultural and sports clubs.

At its plenary meeting on 7/12/2010, the Local Staff Committee of the Commission in Luxembourg confirmed the agreement in principle to use a portion of the reserve fund of the CAS to co-finance the development of the European Foyer with the following details:


1) The LSC calls on OIL to put forward an approximate timetable of the alteration work, emphasising the earliest possible start on the work, and in any case well before the end of 2011.

2) It is definitely in the LSC's interest to know the exact price quote per lot, so as to put detail on the current estimates to calculate the total amount.

3) The LSC calls on OIL to put forward a comprehensive financing plan for all the works, including the subsidy promised by the city of Luxembourg and the compensation for cracks in the building (due to the construction of the neighbouring underground car park).

4) The LSC believes that work concerning the fees and project management, the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) policy as well as accessibility for people with restricted mobility are taken into account by a budget of the administration.

5) The LSC calls on the CAS to create a body to supervise the alteration work on the Foyer, comprising representatives of the staff, which will take care of the technical and budgetary monitoring of the project, and report at regular intervals to the CAS and staff committees.

Given the foregoing, the LSC is in favour of the use of CAS reserve funds to co-finance up to 50%, however, capped at EUR 1 million. To refresh your memory, the total costs are currently estimated at 1.85 million EUR.