Delegations are the representative body of members of a constituency, that is to say, all members of a instition or a European or international organization, or pensioners. They act in accordance with the Executive Committee.

Commission Delegation

Nom Adresse Tel Email
CALO' Giuseppe Retired    
CSORDAS Annamaria MER 08/807 2929 42795
JMO B2/32A 4301 34647
GONGORA Jean-François
EUFO 3/188   4301 32096
HANOT Cécile EUFO 4/152A 4301 36525
KLAR Robert Retired    
NORDEN Katarina JMO B4/033 4301 35228
ORVILLE Yves EUFO 01/152 4301 38197
PUTZ Jean JMO B2/045 4301 34477
SCHWAGER PEREZ Ana Retired    
TATARAM Marina Elena FISR 02/205 292942857
VICENTE-NUNEZ Miguel JMO B2/039 4301 32758