Luxembourg, 5 January 2016

Dear Ms. Vice-President,

The undersigned OSPs, which were parties to the March 2015 agreement with you concerning solutions to the serious problems faced by Contract Agents in Luxembourg, wish to express the following concerns:

1.       The implementation deadlines and the scope of the arrangements concerning the reclassification and the passage between function groups have still not been set up. We would like to ask you to take action urgently.

2.       We are very much concerned about a possible impact of the ongoing technical consultations on the General Implementing Provisions for Contract Agents. An intervention from the political level is needed so that a change of the function group shall not turn out to be an obstacle to the agents concerned and shall not worsen their situation instead of helping them – for instance by jeopardizing their pension rights.

3.       The implementation schedule of reclassifications should be extended at least to 2017, or even 2018 since so far the agreement has not been followed-up in this respect.

4.       The first evaluation of the impact of measures implemented in 2015 as foreseen in the agreement needs still to be organized.

5.       We would like to point out that after nearly one year, the issues of our reservations as expressed during the dialogue early this year are getting more and more prominent.

For these reasons, the undersigned OSPs in Luxembourg would like to meet with you in a trade union setting at your earliest convenience for the first evaluation of the March 2015 agreement.

With best regards,

For Generation 2004
For Solidarité Européenne
For Union Syndicale Luxembourg