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 I. Who is our legal assistance intended to help? Which fields are covered?

All staff of the EU institutions, particularly union members. Members of the families of EU staff can also take advantage of it.

This legal assistance is almost universal both concerning its recipients and its scope: the field of the European Civil Service and civil and common law.

II. Legal assistance, advice and representation: how do you get it?

Several levels and degrees of intensity are available, throughout your working life and beyond, during retirement.

a. From the policy secretariat

Experienced colleagues advise you 365 days per year, 24 hours per day about any problem or doubt you have in relation to your work: all you have to do is phone ((4301 32758 or 43 25 79) or send an e-mail ( or .

b. From a specialist lawyer

If the difficulty justifies it, our policy secretariat will propose that you see one of our lawyers.

N.B.: These two services are free of charge and for everybody, all EU staff can have access to them.

c. Legal disputes and appeals to the TFI/EU Court of Justice

If a complaint under Article 90 or an appeal to the Tribunal of First Instance or the Court of Justice of the EU is being envisaged, USL members are entitled to financial support from USL which can be up to 100% of the cost if it is a case where action would be of widespread interest (Document legal assistance EN).

Union Syndicale invests about 30 000 EUR from its budget each year on this activity. Cases which can sometimes be dramatic, such as dismissal of colleagues, have been won, including a colleague from Eastern Europe who was unfairly dismissed by the European Parliament, and others concerning promotions and rights of all kinds under the Staff Regulations.

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