Recruitment & Careers

What does the future hold for my career?


Union Syndicale Luxembourg is fighting to keep an open civil service and administrative career system.

That must be based on equality, merit and ability, and operate in a framework of transparency and staff participation.

To guarantee a dynamic, motivating career, Union Syndicale Luxembourg is calling for:


1) Full compliance with the promotion rates of Annex IB, and catching-up of the historic backlog via additional quotas or internal competitions;

2) An increased role for the Promotion Committees to ensure the balance of the promotions system and the comparability of merits within each institution;

3) Regular internal competitions;

4) Transparent and participative procedures linked to merit, equality and ability to go beyond grades AST9 and AD12;

5) Competitions to move between AC and AST/SC and AST/AD: external competitions must take more account of the merits of the staff already in place and allow them to progress;

6) Upholding in practice the principle of equivalence of careers of staff pre- and post-2004;

7) Maintenance of the annual character of certification and its revitalisation;

8) A smooth transition to subsequent career steps: conditionality must remain the exception and be subject to scrutiny by a joint body;

9) A more objective and transparent evaluation system;

10) Open and fair access to management based on aptitudes and expertise linked to the function.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg stands side by side with you to assist you, to uphold your career prospects.

Are promotions in danger in 2014? And what about afterwards?


NO, the present career system - and thus the promotion system - has basically been preserved for AD 5 to AD 12,  AST 1 to AST 9, for the new AST/SC category and for contract staff (USL is demanding more grades for FG 1 and FG 2).


What about promotion from AD 12 and AST 9?

The promotions will be related more closely to levels of responsibility exercised and the post occupied.

USL is demanding joint procedures guaranteeing equal opportunities to access the posts concerned on the basis of merits and skills, observing complete transparency.

Advice to colleagues

1. Make sure that your appraisal report fully reflects your performance and the challenges encountered.

2. Insist that your reporting officer fully assumes his/her responsibility and gives an objective appraisal (good, very good, excellent) on your competence and performance, as well as languages and level of responsibility.

3. In the event of problems, do not hesitate to submit an appeal against the evaluation and/or the failure to propose promotion.

4. Always contact the USL representatives in the promotion committees early on, as soon as you have a problem!

What is USL demanding and what is it committed to?

1. An objective appraisal system that allows comparison of merits at the level of the Institution.

2. A credible appeals procedure, with a Joint Committee to be set up for that purpose, which is even more important now that salary steps are no longer automatic but depend on good reports.

3. An effective social dialogue within the framework of the budgetary procedure on promotions, to be scheduled on a yearly basis.

4. Full compliance with the promotion rates set out in Annex IB.

5. Respect of equivalence of careers before and after 2004.

6. An upgrading of the Promotion Committees, which are the only bodies able to compare merits at the level of the Institution, and to take corrective action in case of abuses by some DGs, before the list of those to be promoted is submitted to the appointing authority.

7. Increasing the number of proposals for promotion at the disposal of Promotion Committees.

8. The publication of relevant statistics on fast, normal and slow promotions per DG at the level of the Institution.

9. To assist all colleagues who feel aggrieved that their legitimate expectations concerning appraisal and promotion have not been met.