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Union Syndicale Luxembourg denounces the blatant lack of coherence between the legal requirements (of Article 1 (e) of the Staff Regulations) and the policy discourse, on the one hand, and our everyday experience at work, on the other hand, in particular in relation to:

a- the limitations imposed on flexitime;

b- the increase in working hours, whether

  • weekly: increase to 40 hours per week and far more in practice;
  • or annual: reduction in travelling time and obstacles to taking special leave; and
  • working life as a whole: postponement of the statutory retirement age;

c- blackmailing about performance: hijacking of automatic steps on the pay scale;

d- the systematic reduction in staffing levels, at a time when the European Union is being given more and more things to do.


To remedy these incoherences, Union Syndicale Luxembourg is calling for:

1. more flexibility in the organisation of working time;

2. more and simpler access to teleworking;

3. flexitime for all, including AST9 and AD9 and beyond, and consistent application in all the institutions and directorates general;

4. greater flexibility for all those with children and whose spouse works, and for single-parent families;

5. an upward alignment with best practices in the Member States;

6. improvement of childcare facilities for our children;

7. improved transport facilities for staff living across the border, pupils of the European schools and parents;

8. an enhanced inter-institutional partnership in favour of social services;

9. broad consultation of the staff about the difficulties they encounter and the solutions that they recommend;

10. actually taking account of the results of staff satisfaction surveys and allocation of the resources required for this to happen.

USL: A union that listens, takes action and gets results




La décision de l'AIPN ci-dessous conforte le principe de flexitime et des plages fixes qui restent sous contrôle centralisé avec une participation du Comité du Personnel.

Download the link about the flexitime claim