Is my pension guaranteed?

YES, but we must remain vigilant


Our pension scheme is in a healthy state, and the annual method of verification of the actuarial balance of the scheme, which was introduced in May 2004, is playing its role as intended, countering potential risks promptly and anticipating measures that become necessary in terms of employer’s and members’ contributions.

Do we need to remind you that the staff financed our pension scheme without employer’s contributions for over 20 years?

Union Syndicale Luxembourg is therefore not prepared to accept any challenge to the basic structure of our pension scheme.

Any attempt at such a challenge will be considered as a frontal assault on the legitimate trust of the staff and will very seriously compromise relations between employer and employees in all the European institutions.

That is why Union Syndicale Luxembourg will continuedevoting all the energy and resources the pensions issue that are dictated by the circumstances, including, if necessary, demanding the actual reconstitution of the assets of the ‘notional fund’ containing more than 50 billion euro, a burden to be borne, both legally and budgetarily, by the Member States alone.

USL has fought and will continue fighting to uphold the existing structure of the system.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg is committed to:

  • Keeping pension calculations based on final salaries;
  • The actuarial balance of the system being guaranteed in the long term;
  • Contributions being fair, verified and reflecting the balance between contributions and expenditure according to actuarial rules;
  • The setting-up of a permanent high-level joint inter-institutional body to guarantee the future of the pensions;
  • If necessary, demanding the reconstitution of the Assets of the Notional Fund – estimated at over 50 billion euro – a burden to be borne, both legally and budgetarily, by the Member States alone.
  • The payment of pensions continuing to be guaranteed jointly and severally by the Member States.


  • NB: Brexit must not produce any perverse effect at collective or individual level with regard to all EU staff, and particularly our British colleagues.






Notre régime de pension revisité


Ludwig Schubert, Président d’honneur de l’AIACE INT., Vox No 102 - Mars 2016