Request for a local concertation - Price Increase of Catering in Luxembourg

Note for the attention of Mr. Becquet - Director of OIL

The undersigned, representing the trade unions and staff associations of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,

Having regard to the unilateral decision by OIL to increase the prices in the restaurants with effect from 5 December 2016;

Having regard to the Resolution by the Local Staff Committee Luxembourg of 14 February 2017 formally challenging that increase;

In view of the absence of an opinion from the Joint Committee for Management of the restaurants and cafeterias (JCMRC);

Considering that the prevailing rules, particularly the Rules of the JCMRC, require an opinion by that Body prior to any price increase;

Considering the absence of a convincing explanation concerning the real natureand impact of variations on the different components of the price underlying that increase;

Considering the ongoing analyses by a Joint Working Group aimed at identifying a method for changing prices;

Considering the obvious link between the increase in the number of buildings accommodating the EC services in Luxembourg, following the move out of the JMO building, and the resulting costs for the restaurant and cafeteria services;

Considering that the operation to move out of the JMO building involved a financial arrangement between the Commission and the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg;

Also considering the disparity in purchasing power in Luxembourg compared with Brussels, the medical overcharging and the precarious employment conditions that apply there for sizeable sectors of contract staff;

The undersigned trade unions and professional associations, at the invitation of the Local Staff Committee Luxembourg, call on you to arrange local consultation in due form in order to:

- verify, based on documents, the budgetary and financial situation of the Restaurants and Cafeterias of the Commission in Luxembourg at the end of 2016;

- request an urgent report to the Technical Group on the method for changing prices;

- to analyse the annual operating accounts since the last increase in March 2011;

- to ascertain the main factors leading to an increase in costs;

- to identify a viable medium-term funding plan;

- to propose, if appropriate, a price increase to the JCMRC;

- while awaiting a formal opinion of the JCMRC, suspend the price increase of December 2016;

- reach an agreement on the resources to be deployed in order to achieve a high-quality, efficient restaurant service which meets the expectations of customers.

Luxembourg, 30 March 2017.

FFPE / U4U / G2004 / Save Europe / Solidarité Européenne / USFL / USL