Health insurance fund INTERFON / ADREA

During 2013, contacts took place between members of Union Syndicale Luxembourg and the INTERFON Cooperative, a group of international officials in the France-Vaud-Geneva conurbation, which has members at the UN, CERN, ILO, WHO, WTO, WIPO and the ITU.

It was set up as a 'cooperative', and is managed by volunteer administrators. INTERFON has expanded by creating a 'HEALTH INSURANCE FUND' activity for complementary health and surgery insurance.

The INTERFON HEALTH INSURANCE SECTION is administered by its own board and consists of volunteer advisers, 2 of whom are drawn at present from the membership of UNION SYNDICALE LUXEMBOURG. ADRÉA Mutuelle handles the management and legal protection.

In conjunction with the INTERFON Cooperative, the Health Insurance Section of the organisation now has almost 3000 members with complementary health cover from ADRÉA Mutuelle. It is affiliated to the National Federation of French Health Insurance Funds, which has 36 million persons covered.

Due to its character as a mutual insurer and not a private insurance company, it offers reasonable prices, does not require members to answer a medical questionnaire, and  guarantees fixed membership contributions for a lifetime.

ADRÉA Mutuelle, with the support of the INTERFON Cooperative currently offers the members of Union Syndicale Luxembourg mutual health insurance specific to European civil servants, which is complementary to our JSIS system.

Until 29 February 2016, ADREA Mutuelle offers special membership terms to members of UNION SYNDICALE LUXEMBOURG, i.e.:

No waiting period for consultations, pharmaceuticals, medical tests and examinations, glasses and contact lenses, dental care and treatments, infertility treatments, in vitro fertilisation, kinesiology, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Memberships accepted up to 60 years of age instead of age 54 for 'Fidelity' cover (membership contributions 30% lower than for 'Senior' cover with funeral cover included).

Fixed lifetime contributions to the INTERFON Cooperative of €25 instead of €35 (affiliations to the Cooperative in 2016)

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