Correction coefficient for Luxembourg: myth or reality? 4/4

In our first 3 communications, based on a factual situation (existence of correction coefficients (CCs) in about 30 places where EU staff are assigned) we reviewed the legal framework (technical difficulties - case supported by USL before EU Tribunal) and the budget constraints  (spurious argument used by the European Commission, because Chapter V of the Multiannual Financial Framework provides for more than enough appropriations to finance a CC in Luxembourg.

It is blatantly obvious that there is no political sensitivity about addressing this injustice, which has already lasted far too long, and we need to react at every level so that an URGENT solution can be implemented.

How to ACT, and what actions should we take?
At Union Syndicale Luxembourg, we consider that action is required at several levels:

1. Trade union action at inter-institutional level

a) At the impending staff committee elections at the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Court of Justice, support the local organisations (independent from the 'federal' unions and staff associations orchestrated from Brussels)  at all the institutions.
USL, which is present at all of the EU institutions in Luxembourg, is putting forward an autonomous electoral list at the Commission and at the Court of Justice, and a joint one at the European Parliament;

b) Immediately after the elections, USL will seek a strong cooperation with other trade unions rooted in Luxembourg, so as to launch a process aimed at obtaining a CC in Luxembourg;

c) Lobbying of the European political and budgetary authorities, as well as the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

d) The staff will need to mobilise if the unions call for it: general meetings, protest meetings and work stoppages if necessary: without these actions, nothing will change.

2. 'Political' action at national level in the Grand Duchy

If we want national politicians to support our cause, which is also theirs, we must take part in national political life.
USL strongly recommends that you should stand for election: that will start with the local elections in Spring 2017.
As far as possible, we must become actors within civil society and politics in the Grand Duchy.

3. One of the key features: Communication/Press campaign

The European institutions are, de facto, the 2nd-largest employer in the Grand Duchy: that brings with it a not inconsiderable influence in civil society and political life in Luxembourg, which should be used.
The Luxembourg press is keeping a very close eye on everything relating to the European Union and its presence in Luxembourg.
Since it was founded in 1971, USL has defended the presence of the EU institutions in Luxembourg: but that requires its attractiveness to be restored.

4. Legal action

A court case, supported by USL, is pending before the EU Tribunal, aimed at introducing a CC in Luxembourg.

See above for what Union Syndicale Luxembourg is proposing.

Kind regards,

Miguel Vicente Nunez
Président USL