Correction coefficient for Luxembourg: myth or reality? 1/4

Luxembourg, 3 November 2016

Communication from Union Syndicale Luxembourg to the staff of all the institutions in the Grand Duchy


Is it unrealistic to call for the introduction of a Correction Coefficient (CC) for Luxembourg?
The answer is NO. Why? Several reasons:

  1. The EU Staff Regulations are based on principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment of staff, wherever they are assigned, see Article 1.e and Annex XI (Article 9)

  2. De facto, tens of places where EU staff are assigned have been awarded a CC, which in some cases is higher, and other cases lower than 100, depending on the purchasing power parity in comparison with Brussels (Luxembourg is not a reference point in this regard).

  3. Purchasing power parity in the Grand Duchy compared with Brussels has been declining ever since 2006 (-5.8%) to reach -8.1% in 2016 (always more than 5% throughout this decade).


Are there insurmountable obstacles to the introduction of a CC for Luxembourg? What are they?

Union Syndicale Luxembourg proposes that we all reflect about 3 forthcoming communications, and we will be submitting our thoughts to you about:

  1. The legal pitfalls: which should not be insurmountable. A case supported by USL is currently before the EU Tribunal.
  2. The budget restrictions: Chapter V of administrative expenditure cfr. Multiannual Financial Framework 2014/2020 provides more than the necessary funds for this purpose.
  3. What about political will? The lack of the political will to listen is definitely the biggest stumbling block.

But Union Syndicale Luxembourg will provide guidance about how to act.

To be continued in our next 3 newsletters.

Kind regards,

Miguel Vicente Núñez
USL President