No love for Luxembourg….WHY? Union Syndicale Luxembourg proposes an Action plan

Dear Colleagues,

Union Syndicale Luxembourg wants to propose an action plan aimed at making the national and European political authorities – and especially the European Parliament, which faces an election in 2014 – aware of the fact that Luxembourg is not El Dorado – as some people seem to believe – and that the staff of the European Institutions there suffer discriminatory treatment which is contrary to the Staff Regulations.

Major problem:

Colleagues recruited since 2004 and assigned to Luxembourg are doubly penalized, because not only are their working conditions lower compared to the preceding generation of officials, but on top of that they suffer a loss of purchasing power of about 10% compared to Brussels, and the new reform of the SR is not correcting this discrimination.

It is evident that in view of this dwindling purchasing power parity (5,8% less than Brussels in 2006, 10% less in 2012), mainly due to the cost of housing, conditions in Luxembourg are less attractive, and more and more people are trying to find a job under (financially) friendlier skies, mostly in Brussels.

It's now time and urgent to reestablish the principle of equal treatment of all of the European Institutions no matter where they work.

Action plan:

For several years now, Union Syndicale has been pushing, in the social dialogue and on the political and legal level, for the introduction of a correcting coefficient for Luxembourg.

The efforts have not yet born fruit, but we're getting closer to our goal, and final success now depends on you! This is our proposal:

We ask you, especially if you have been recruited since 2005 at Luxembourg, to tell us about the difficulties you have encountered when you first settled in Luxembourg or afterwards, for example regarding:

-finding a place to live,

-registering your children at the European School,

-social assistance or lack of it,

-the integration of your family in the host country

-professional and/or geographic mobility,

And in general:

All sorts of disappointments/irritations/frustrations in the context of the start of your career at the European Institutions in Luxembourg. Of course, if you have had any positive experiences, you can mention those as well, we should not pretend that everything is darkness.

Let's act together

Union syndicale invites you to write down your experiences and send them to our e-mail address "REP PERS OSP UNION SYNDICALE LUXEMBOURG" and we will present them (without mentioning your name) on our website (just totally revamped), or we might even arrange for some of you, if you are interested, to talk to one of the larger Luxembourg newspapers, if your story is of general interest.

We do think this initiative will attract some interest in national and European political circles, certainly now that various elections are approaching.

For the Union Syndicale Luxembourg,

Miguel Vicente Núñez

Secrétaire Général USL



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