Union Syndicale has won the elections for the Luxembourg Local Staff Committee Commission (13 seats out of 20): that means that the Staff Committee will continue to be run at the local level

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the USL, I would like to thank you for having once again shown your trust and support.
USL has won 13 Seats ! (SE reloaded : 4, G2004 : 2, Vote the change : 1).
Our first priority, considering today's Judgement by the Court of Justice, will be the adaptation of our salary grid for
2011 and 2012.
The Commission must summit a new proposal to the Council/EP.


Union Syndicale Luxembourg has entered into a strong partnership that can benefit our members!

Union Syndicale offers all its current and future members - both residents and cross-border workers - and their families the possibility of enjoying an optimal supplementary health cover on preferential terms when they take out health insurance with DKV Luxembourg.