USL History

The Syndicat Général du Personnel des Organisations Européennes (SGPOE) was founded in the 1950s in the context of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and was split up when the Union des Syndicats was set up in 1973. Some of the members at the European Parliament preferred to maintain an independent organization specific to that institution.

In Luxembourg, Union Syndicale (USL) has a presence in all the institutions and in all the Staff Committees. However, it is most strongly and stably represented at the Commission.

Since it was founded, USL has been determined to act totally independently from the resources of the institutions. It is the only organization in Luxembourg to have its own offices and an independent secretariat.

At present, two people work in this secretariat, and are paid from the dues of union members.

Each week, the Executive Committee of USL meets at its office at 227, Val des Bons-Malades - Kirchberg. Members of the union may attend these meetings and can express their opinions.

Meetings of the delegations within each institution are also open to members.

A trade union Council meeting twice yearly is attended by the elected representatives on the Executive Committee and those from the delegations.

Extraordinary general assemblies, sometimes on a specific topic, enable members to give their views and give direction to actions by the union.