Trade Union Council

Article 11 – The Trade Union Council


1. The overall framework of the Trade Union Council is established in Article 10 of the Constitution. Its role is essentially to work in-depth on issues common to several constituencies and to assist the Executive Committee in implementing the general policy of the union. To this end, the Executive Committee submits an interim activity report at least twice per year as well as items enabling a policy debate to be held.

2. a) All members of delegations are members of the Trade Union Council.

    b) Members of the union have the right to attend the meetings of the Trade Union Council. They may speak, but do not have voting rights. However, the Chairman/woman of the Council may reserve certain meetings for the elected members of that organ.

3. a) the Trade Union Council meets at least twice per year.

    b) it is convened by the Chairman/woman, or
- at the request of the Executive Committee;
- at the request of one or more delegations;
- on request by a simple majority of its members.

    c) the chairman of the Trade Union Council chairs the discussions within this organ, and ensures that its decisions are implemented.

4. a) At its first meeting after the elections, the Trade Union Council shall appoint, from its ranks except members of the Executive Committee, the Chairman/woman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Trade Union Council.

    b) This meeting is convened by the Chairman of the union, who chairs it until the Chairman of the Trade Union Council has been appointed.

5. a) The Trade Union Council divides the tasks between its members, and may adopt its rules of procedure.

    b) unless provided otherwise in the Constitution or these rules, Trade Union Council decisions are taken by a majority of its members.

    c) the provisions of Article 8 paragraph 5 of the Constitution apply by analogy to the meetings of the Trade Union Council. Likewise for the provisions of Article 7 paragraph 2 sub-paragraphs b) to i) inclusive, of paragraph 3 sub-paragraphs c) and d) and paragraphs 4 and 5 of this article of these rules.

6. The Trade Union Council has the right to appoint two of its members as observers to the Executive Committee, in order to ensure good coordination between these two bodies. They can speak there, but do not have voting rights.



Composition of the Trade Union Council



Président Gilberto MOGGIA 4398 45645
Vice-présidente Carmen SERRANO JIMENEZ 4300 25689
Secrétaire Žilvinas BREIVE 4303 4080

Other members : all members of the delegations


Trade Union Council on 07/10/15 : ODJ

Trade Union Council on 21/04/15 : ODJ

Trade Union Council on 23/10/14 : ODJ

The date of the next trade union council is to be decided.