Our commitment



Union Syndicale has been one of the most active organisations in upholding the working conditions of the Nuclear Inspectors.

Through tireless negotiation and follow-up of outstanding issues, we were able to obtain an agreement for a system to recover hours worked at night-times, weekends and holidays.(pdf décision de l'accord avec la DG, annexe 1, annexe 2, note aux Inspecteurs EN). At the General Meeting of 28 January 2008, 80% of the Nuclear Inspectors signed a petition regarding their working conditions.(pdf de la pétition)

Following submission of this petition, DG ENER and Union Syndicale entered into a consultation procedure. This dialogue led to several significant decisions concerning the recognition of their work in the presence of ionizing radiation. Changes will be made for mission expenses and flexitime recording in relation to the frequent missions they carry out in all EU countries.

Since the beginning of 2013, a new consultation procedure specifically about arduous work by Nuclear Inspectors started with the creation of a working group in which elected Union Syndicale representatives played an active part. We will certainly keep you informed of the latest developments and progress on this subject