After the 2nd draw of the winners during the USL cocktail of 14 FEB 2017 the lottery is finished. We would like to thank heartfully all sponsors and wish all the best to the happy winners of our trade union.

The conditions for entry are here.

The prizes to win (first draw in early autumn) are the following (to be completed one by one):

  • 1 gift voucher of 100€, for a meal in the restaurant Odeon (10 rue Munchen-Tesch, L-2173 Luxembourg,

Lot 1 won by Mister Dirk Roth, (COM)

  • 1 box of mixed “Un jardin sur le Nil” perfume from HERMÈS Paris

Lot 2 won by Mrs I. D. (COM)

  • 2 places for a "wine tasting of Eastern countries" with a 4-course dinner on 24 November 2016 at the new restaurant Ca(fé)sino, 41 rue Notre Dame in Luxembourg-City


This prize is offered by the Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE)

Lot 3 won by Mrs Erika Valles Maldonado (COM)

Lot 4 won by MisterValenti Canadell Bofarull (COM)

  • A pair of high quality shoes offered by EUREKA shoes accessories bags / 15, rue des Bains / L-1212 Luxembourg / Fon: 26200214 /

Lot 5 won by Mister W. G. (EP)

Lot 6 won by Mister Thierry Jadot-Jattard (retired)

  • 1 gift voucher of 50€, for a meal offered by the Sardinian restaurant “I Quattro mori” /135, rue de Hollerich / L-1741 Luxembourg / Fon: 26649752 /

Lot 7 won by Mister Ali Zein (COM)

Lot 8 won by Mrs Arlette Tenerani-Thiel (CdC)

  • A box of tasty 10-month dried ham “Serrano” with board and knife offered by La Rioja / 95, Avenue Guillaume / L-1651 Luxembourg / Fon: 444298-1 / Fax: 459328/

Lot 9 won by Mrs Monika Green (OP)

  • 1 gift voucher worth 100€ for a meal at the restaurant “La Grappe d’Or”/10, rue des Forains / L-1533 Luxembourg / Fon: 426328 /

Lot 10 won by Mister Emmanuele Bucci (CdJ)

  • 1 file case to store and transport files

Lot 11 won by Ms I.Y. (EP)

  • A second gift voucher worth 100€, donated by the “Odeon” restaurant /10, rue Munchen-Tesch / L-2173 Luxembourg / Fon: 43 65 30 / Fax: 42 24 15/

Lot 12 won by Mister J.C. (CdJ)