Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the guidelines established by the General Assembly and the business management of the union. It takes only union representation against its members outward in all matters of law.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg is proud to present its 2014-2017 Executive Committee whose members are:

Photo Nom Adresse Telephone
CALO’ Giuseppe Pensionné
CAMPO Aldo BECH A2/006 4301-37370
CSORDAS Annamaria MER 08/807 292942795
FEMIANO Maddalena Pensionnée
FERNANDEZ FERNANDEZ Francisco JMO B2/32A 430134647
FESUS Emese Vice-présidente K2 5/57 439847035
FREESE Karl Pensionné
HANOT Cécile EUFO 4/152A 430136525
KLAR Robert Secrétaire général Pensionné
ORVILLE Yves Trésorier Eufo 1/152 430138197
PUTZ Jean JMO B2/045 430133160
VICENTE-NUNEZ Miguel Président JMO B2/039 430132758