The benefits of membership

Although action by the union is aimed at upholding the interests of all staff, of course our members enjoy exclusive benefits.

These include:

  • direct assistance and advice from our elected representatives and officers (see delegation) for solving a multitude of problems you may encounter in your career;
  • free access to the training organized by the trade union;
  • access to documentation (books and CDs) developed by the union;
  • legal assistance (Doc. Legal Assistance)
  • cover provided by the association "Patiente Vertriedung" which upholds patients' rights, giving you free access to services;
  • certain advantages offered by our partner OGB-L, Luxembourg's largest trade union;
  • services provided by ASTI (Association for the Support of Immigrant Workers -10-12 rue Auguste Laval L-1922 Luxembourg Tel. +352/438333)

Currently, based on the resolutions of the most recent general meeting, Union Syndicale is seeking to expand these services to members in various fields.