USL won the election at the Commission – Support the interinstitutional programme of our action

Priorities for action during the term of office 2016-2019 of the Staff Committee


 Luxembourg, 24 November 2016

Dear Colleagues

The staff of the European Commission in Luxembourg have set the priorities for action during the term of office 2016-2019 of their Staff Committee.

It will focus on certain local priorities:

1.    adoption of a correction coefficient specific to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;

2.   upgrading of the working conditions of contract staff

2 bis. compliance with national laws and collective labour agreements in regulated professions in Luxembourg (educators and catering staff);

3.   abolition of overcharging for medical expenses;

and in general, defending our European civil service in terms of an open career system, maintaining our pensions system and a genuine social policy.
For more details about this action programme, click here.

As we are sure you will have understood: getting results requires action at inter-institutional level in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Commission staff in Luxembourg entrusted the running of their Staff Committee to our organisation, Union Syndicale Luxembourg, by giving us 14 seats out of 20*.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg wishes to express its sincere thanks to the staff for placing their trust in us, and will live up to the responsibilities placed in its hands at the Commission in Luxembourg, while hoping to see convergence of action with all the institutions: this is indispensable if we want things to change in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Kind regards,

Miguel Vicente Núñez
USL President

* - Generation 2004: 2 seats
  - Vote the change: 0 seats
  - Solidarité européenne Luxembourg: 1 seat
  - Union syndicale fédérale: 2 seats
  - Save Europe: 1 seat