The LSC meets Vice-President Oettinger




The Bureau of the Local Staff Committee, represented by its President a.i., Ms Annamária Csordás, was invited today to the "Commission de Contact" with Vice-President Oettinger, in charge of Budget and Human Ressource issues.

Vice-President Oettinger presented the economic and social situation of the European Union and in parallel ours in the Commission.

Ms Csordás has emphasized the problems in Luxembourg namely the social dumping, the correction coefficient, the medical overcharging and losing the attractivity of Luxembourg as EU working place. Those important topics were taken into consideration by Vice-President Oettinger and will be analysed by his services according to his promises.

Another main point was the Brexit, in particular the acquired rights, which will be dealt with by President Juncker and Vice-President Oettinger.

Other topics brought to his attention were: open spaces, the strengthening of the social dialogue, the work-life balance, equal opportunities, career prospect and development.

The Vice-President has proposed that Staff Representatives will have the opportunity to meet him three times a year and even more often for particular issues.

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