Local authority elections on 8 October 2017

Announcement for all European Union staff and their families residing in Luxembourg


Let's take control of our future!
Let's use our right to vote in the local authority elections.
How? Why?

The local authority elections will be held on 8 October 2017:
All Luxembourg citizens and EU nationals will be called to vote for their local councillors.

As a European official living in Luxembourg, can I vote in the local authority elections in Luxembourg?
The answer is yes if you are aged at least 18, if you are domiciled in the Grand Duchy and have lived here for at least 5 years.

How to get your name on the electoral register
All you have to do is go to your local authority offices with valid proof of identity, proof that you have been resident there for at least 5 years and fill in a registration application.

BUT: you need to do this by 13 July 2017.

Want more information?
Go to the web page http://www.guichet.public.lu/citoyens/fr/citoyennete/elections/elections-communales/inscription-listes-electorales-communales/index.html

Why vote in Luxembourg?

Local councils have many powers in relation to housing, mobility and many other fields that concern all of us.

Luxembourg is the seat of several European institutions that employ over 10 000 officials and other staff of the EU, making them the 2nd largest employer in Luxembourg behind the country's public sector.

Considering the rapid decline in the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a seat of the European institutions and the discrimination that European officials assigned to Luxembourg face in comparison with Brussels, particularly a purchasing power disparity of almost 10%, we must exert our democratic influence on these elections and demand the necessary support from the local councils that are elected.

What does Union Syndicale recommend?
Register as a voter for the local authority elections in Luxembourg, and cast your vote.
This move will be a very clear indication of our joint determination to fight to enhance the attractiveness of Luxembourg for the European Union institutions and their staff.


For the Executive Committee

 Miguel Vicente Núñez
USL President