Decline in the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a EU seat – Our contacts with Luxembourg’s political parties

Luxembourg, 22 March 2018

Dear members,
Dear colleagues,

Union Syndicale Luxembourg has contacted factions of the political parties in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1) in the run-up to the parliamentary election on 14 October 2018.

The purpose of these meetings is to increase awareness among national politicians of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's loss of attractiveness as a seat of the European institutions.
For too many years now, the working conditions of the approximately 11,000 European Union staff working in Luxembourg have deteriorated to such an extent that recruitment is becoming problematic, and an urgent solution is essential.

Among the complaints about the working conditions, we must mention the runaway purchasing power discrepancy (from -5.7% in 2006, it widened to -11.9% in 2017), the social dumping of tens of contract staff, the 'social jungle' in the child day care centres (6 different types of contract for the same job as a daycare educator), the overcharging of medical expenses and the slowdown in careers due to the remoteness of the political and administrative decision-making centres in Brussels.

Union Syndicale Luxembourg hopes to increase the awareness of the national electorate (approximately 40,000 citizens of another EU Member State who have acquired Luxembourg nationality), so that they can make the issue one of their criteria when it comes to casting their vote.

The political leaders whom we met showed keen interest in this issue, which is weighing heavily on the political agreements between the Commission and the Luxembourg State: the most recent Georgieva/Asselborn agreement (consolidation of the presence of the Commission in Luxembourg, focusing on three areas: digital, financial and legal) is being jeopardised by difficulties in recruiting the specialists required.

This issue was raised in the Declaration and debate in the Chamber of Deputies of the GDL during the speech on international and European policy on 13 and 14 March 2018.

You can see the recommendations made by the political parties concerning the correction coefficient for Luxembourg, social dumping in relation to contract staff and the 'social jungle' that prevails in the child daycare facilities via the link

USL wishes to convey its sincere gratitude to the representatives of the national political parties in the GDL, and hopes that this will be followed up with the national government and the political bodies of the EU.

Kind regards,
Miguel Vicente Nunez
President, Union Syndicale Luxembourg

PS (1): Here are some photos of these meetings.

 Meeting with Mr. Wisler from the CVS

Meeting with Mr. Wiseler


Meeting with Mr. Berger from DP

Meeting with Mr. Berger


Meeting with Mr. Adam from the Déi Gréng

Meeting with Mr. Adam
'Déi Gréng'


Meeting with Mr. Wagner from the Déi Lénk

Meeting with Mr. Wagner
'Déi Lénk'


Meeting with Mr. Angel from the LSAP

Meeting with Mr. Angel



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